Santa Cruise – Christmas Cruise


Reindeer, midwinter, the northern Arctic Circle and perhaps the northern lights. Discover a magical winter world in Lapland and say hello to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve itself. Come with us on a unique Christmas cruise!

Get the whole family together and celebrate a different kind of Christmas together without any obligations or preparations. Or travel on your own and meet new friends. Our Christmas cruise to Finnish Lapland is a trip for someone who's practically seen it all. It's almost like a polar expedition but in a much more comfortable setting.

The excursion on land is only part of the experience. On board, we'll enjoy a lot of Christmas spirit, warmth and companionship with all the activities, flavours, music and dancing associated with Christmas. You can buy tax-free gifts, relax with spa treatments, sun and a swimming pool or perhaps try wine tasting and do a yoga session.

Meet Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!
Right up in the northern Arctic Circle, in SantaPark in Rovaniemi, is where Santa Claus lives with his family, elves and his friends the reindeer. A magical world opens up inside the mountain, including Santa's post office, a Christmas present workshop and ice princesses. And so to the absolute highlight of Christmas, a visit to the world's only official Santa Claus, who receives us even though it's the most hectic day of the year for him!

Day by day

Lots of activities

If you want something to do, we promise that there won’t be a quiet moment – just choose what suits you best! If you want a break there are many beautiful places onboard where you can relax. We offer dancing, music, entertainment with our entertainers and artists. The extensive cruise program includes everything from walks behind the scenes to quizzes, beverage tasting and movies. The kids will have a great time with Skeppsråttorna (the Ship Rats), family disco and games. Take a dip in the pool at Terrassen and enjoy the light and warmth from our artificial suns (limited entrance, booked on site) and in Panorama Spa, you can relax with a luxurious spa treatment.

Please note that all activities on board are in Swedish.

Day 1 Your journey begins by slowly slipping out of Stockholm. During the Captain's Cocktail Party you will meet some of the crew who will take care of you during the cruise, before or after settling down at the table for a welcome dinner (depending on which dinner sitting you have chosen). A little later, we offer dancing and entertainment - there is something for most tastes and ages!

Day 2 We wake up at sea and have breakfast in peace and quiet. It's the day before Christmas Eve and we'll decorate the Christmas tree and get into a Christmas mood. Take part in some of our activities for both young and older cruisers, and maybe shop the last Christmas presents. In the evening we sit down for a three-course dinner. The evening is filled with dancing and entertainment for all ages, show, competitions and games.

Day 3 – Christmas Eve! Welcome to Finnish Lapland and the world's only official Santa Cruise! The day is here - the one that everyone has been waiting for. Everyone who will go to SantaPark will leave on an exciting full day trip that will give you unforgettable memories. We do not have any activities on board during the day, but later on all breaks loose. We dance around the tree, sing Christmas songs and see a sparkling Christmas show. Later in the evening there will be dancing, music at the piano bar and much more. In the evening, a traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord awaits with all kinds of Christmassy tastes.

Day 4 On Christmas Day, you have the time to take part in all activities for young and old. Perhaps you want to read your new book, take a treatment in the Panorama Spa or relax in the sunlight and warmth on Terrassen. In the evening we sit down to our last three course dinner together. Later on we offer entertainment, dancing, music in the piano bar and much more.

Day 5 During the day we will go through the wintry Stockholm archipelago. Eat a filling brunch, participate in any of our activities and be sure to make the last bargains in our tax free shops before we return to Stockholm again, filled with unforgettable Christmas experiences.